A small bite of the Big Apple – 5 reflections on New York.

i want to go there someday >.<


“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” (Tom Wolfe)

New York is one of those places I hadn’t really wanted to go to. It was never on my ‘list’ of destinations and as someone who is not too fond of cities the Big Apple was not something I wanted to taste, or even nibble on. I often work in London and while I am fond of my own capital city I find the pace, the haste and the crush of people at times claustrophobic and in my mind New York would be a huge exaggerated version of this. I was wrong. It turns out I love New York City. So much so that I would go back in a heartbeat and four days was not enough. So here is my guide to New York for those that think…

Lihat pos aslinya 777 kata lagi

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